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Sensual Massage Etiquette for Clients

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Feeling a little nervous about booking a sensual massage? Here are a few do's and don't to keep in mind. This will keep your provider happy and save you a lot of embarrassment.

When Booking

  1. Follow directions, if she says to call do not text and visa versa.

  2. Introduce yourself. One word texts such as "Hi" or "Available?" show no respect and are like to be ignored. Try stating your first name, which website you saw the ad on, and a couple of days/times you would like to book an appointment. This shows you are serious and not a time waster for her.

  3. If you are unclear about what services she provides, her prices, her location or other details DO NOT ASK HER until you have re-read her ad carefully. If the details are not there THEN feel free to ask.

  4. Once you've scheduled a time repeat back to her any directions she has given you such as, "Okay so I will see you on Tuesday at 9am and I'll look for you to send the address an hour before hand."

  5. When you show up follow the directions you were given EXACTLY. If you are lost call her. DO NOT ask around to nearby people for her. She is probably using a different name than her neighbors know her by. Do not drive in circles around the neighborhood. This is suspicious. Do not park outside and wait. If you are very early park on a different street to wait. If she says to call or text when you arrive then do so, otherwise you may barge in before she is ready for you. Double check the directions she gave you. If she says to come to the back door or up the stairs be sure you don't skip this step. Making any of the above mistakes could cause her to be exposed and risk losing her housing!

During the Appointment

  1. Show up on time! DO NOT cancel with less than 24 hours notice. If you are running late, even just a couple of minutes, let her know. Likewise if you will be very early.

  2. Ask any questions you may have and listen carefully to the directions she gives you.

  3. Expect to pay up front. Be sure that you have communicated clearly about the price, and if it includes the services you are expecting, or if that service will be additional.

  4. Before touching her, ask if it is okay. Some providers don't mind at all. Also ask if there is anywhere she prefers not to be touched.

  5. If you are interested in extras such as licking, sucking or more freedom of touch it is fine to ask but don't feel badly if she tells you no or that it would be an additional charge.

  6. Do not ask her if her breast are real. That is just rude.

  7. Do not ask if your penis is above average size. That puts her in a very awkward position.

  8. Do not ask her to talk dirty or moan, she will be play acting and that's just not fun for anyone.

  9. Do not ask her if she is getting turned on. Her job is to make you feel good. She probably likes her job and feels a great deal of compassion for you and passion for her work. But to expect her to get turned on multiple times a day, day after day, is just unrealistic no matter how much of a stud you are. She is probably loving her job up until the moment you ask that question and then she feels the need to lie to you or risk disappointing you. It's an unfair position to put her in.

  10. Lay back, relax and enjoy. Don't worry about giving pleasure to her. I know many guys get turned on by seeing that they are turning on the woman, but as a provider she's been having guys try that, over and over for ages, and she is sick of it. She just wants to make you feel good. Relax and receive.

  11. Ask questions or make special requests if there is something simple you would like (like more pressure or more oil)

  12. After the massage you may ask to shower or for a hot towel to clean up with if she hasn't already wiped you clean.

In general, try to treat her how you would treat a date you really care about. She is human, not a toy or an actress. She is on the job so be profesional, respectful and polite. This will ensure a great experience for both parties and hopefully lots of return trips!

Sensual massage etiquette

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